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Irrigation Installation

100% Coverage

CMI Excavations are renowned for their quality of sprinkler system design, only installing systems with head-to-head full water coverage to ensure no dry spots.
If you still need to drag a hose around, you went with the wrong installer...


Smart Irrigation

Our automatic irrigation designs are based on using a Rainbird ESP-Me3 Controller to manage all your sprinklers. This controller is WiFi compatible, allowing remote watering via the Rainbird phone app. Re-schedule or delay your watering anywhere, anytime on your smart phone!


Whether you are after a drip line for your trees, sprays for your garden beds or rotors for your turf, we have all options available to get the most out of your new watering system.


System Service

Already have an existing irrigation system but it's not running as efficiently as it once was? Luckily we are here to help. We offer full services of your sprinkler systems including cleaning rotor heads of built up debris and replacement of parts where necessary.

Satisfaction Guarantee

From the moment you engage with us at CMI Excavations, we endeavor to deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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